Marintec and Antwerp Underwater Solutions

Marintec Shipyard and Antwerp Underwater Solutions were founded a number of years ago in order to satisfy a realistic demand for high quality ship restoration.  The unique combination of a diving company and a shipyard has made us an interesting choice for the most diverse restoration activities, both above and below the water.  Both inland shipping and seagoing vessels can contact our group for either temporary or permanent restorations.

Our ship restorers repair inland navigation vessels in our dry dock, but they can also be used for “on site” repairs.

We focus on providing a fast service whereby our customers lose as little time as possible.  We understand how important it is to keep ships “in business”.

    Onze Diensten

  • Shipyard

    Marintec Shipyard mainly focuses on repairs, class activities and the building of new ships.  This is done in our own 120 meter dry dock along the banks of the Rupel in Boom.

  • Underwater Solutions

    Antwerp Underwater Solutions uses experienced divers for various different underwater activities.  Our know-how and cast-iron service means we can offer solutions during the ship’s normal downtime.

  • Mobile restorations

    We don’t just deploy diving teams in order to carry out inspections and restorations on location, but we can also send out a mobile team of technicians to repair your ship, if so required.